Privacy Policy

Introduction (“SwissOnlineTournament.”) is an online service. Users can optionally register for an account; however, certain features are available for registered users only. This is because SwissSystem needs basic information from its users in order to function. Your information will never be sold or shared to/with third parties, unless required by law.

This privacy policy will detail:
1. What information SwissSystem collects;
2. Why this information is collected and how it’s used;
3. How cookies are used;
4. Managing your information;
5. Storage of the collected information;
6. Closing your account;
7. Donations;
8. Other.

Information Collected

SwissSystem collects:
1. Email addresses and optionally
2. Tokens for external athentication systems
3. Tournament data

Why this information is collected and how it’s used

1. Emails

Your email address will remain confidential and is used in case you forget your password. Moderators are able to set email addresses for accounts to assist in troubleshooting.

2. Tokens

Tokens are not visible to anybody except to SwissSystem moderators and cannot be used on other website. Tokens are collected to authenticate using external services like Google

3. Tournament data

Tournament data contains names, postions and points of players. Tournament can be accessed without authentification by it's URL.


Managing your information

You can edit or delete the information from your tournaments at any time.

Storage of the collected information

Collected information is stored on SwissSystem’s server. SwissSystem’s backups create snapshots of the SwissSystem database at a given date and they can never be modified.

Closing your account

Accounts can be deleted by request.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please use Contact form

SwissSystem can change this policy at its discretion.

Last edited: Nov 25, 2018